Restoring a Backup Created with the Site Backup & Restore tool


How do I restore a backup created with the Site Backup & Restore tool?


This describes the process for restoring a backup you had previously created with the Site Backup & Restore tool, located inside your cPanel. Please note these same steps can be used to restore files and folders, your entire website directory (/public_html/), emails and filters and forwarders, and both PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Click the Site Backup & Restore tool.


  4. Click the Restore tab.

  5. Click "Upload a Backup".


  6. Use the Browse button to find the appropriate backup.

  7. Select Upload Backup to begin uploading.

Note: The time taken to upload the backup is highly dependent on your connection speed and the size of the backup you're uploading; because of this, it can take several hours for larger accounts or slower connections. Leave your browser open until it confirms it's completed, to avoid prematurely terminating the upload.
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