Remote Database Connection Setup

How do I remotely connect using a database management software?
Databases in cPanel can be accessed remotely, or by other web servers (this can be useful if you wish to allow applications such as shopping carts or guestbooks on your other servers to access the databases) or from your home computer to manage the database with MySQL software like Navicat, MySQL-Front, Workbench or Dreamweaver.

Allow a Remote Server to Access Your Databases

To specify remote servers able to access MySQL databases on your server:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Locate Remote MySQL Icon under Databases.
  3. Type your public IP or server IP address into the Add Access Host field.
  4. Click Add.
Prevent a Remote Server From Accessing Your Databases

To disallow a host from accessing databases on your server:

  1. Click the X icon next to the IP address.
  2. If you are sure you wish to prevent the server from accessing your databases, click Yes.
After whitelisting the IP to allow remote connection, you should be able to make the proper remote MySQL connection with the database's name and user found in the cPanel's MySQL Databases page. The most common problem in connecting is due to the use of an incorrect user name and password. Please make sure the user name you use matches the user name created in the My SQL database section of cPanel.
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