DDoS attacks are getting bigger and more complex. With limited bandwidth and sophistication, other DDoS protection service providers can no longer mitigate or prevent today’s multi-vector DoS and DDoS attacks.

Most-Host.com Team Proudly announce our New DDos Protection Which can handel up to 50gb/s UDP Flood along with other Attacks as SynFlood etc..

Our system is based on a new and unique networking architecture that filter all the incoming traffic using most latest Cisco firewalls on the first layer as a first line defense. than pass the filtered traffic to stage 2 where it get analyzed by our dns servers before it get passed to your machine router where it get analyzed for the 3th time assuring no even a sing 1mb reach your machine hosted with Most-host.com

Our system is unique and we are open to sell our technology to any other hosting company that would like to make use of our hard work

Monday, June 3, 2013

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